EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS at Hotel Grande Bretagne

Aside from the b2b meetings, Travel Trade Athens 2022 will offer a highly educational workshop for all suppliers. The workshops are to be held with physical presence, fully aligned with COVID-19 restrictions when it comes to the number of participants and the room set up, provided we are allowed to do so.


09:30 - 9:45     This is Athens City of Athens Initiatives Presentation

9:45 - 10:30     Viator a Tripadvisor Company

The Outlook for Tours, Activities and Attractions in Greece How to Optimize for Success

By Mark Bolan, Senior Regional Manager, Viator a Tripadvisor Company

Joined by Jon Neill, Senior Account Manager, Viator a Tripadvisor Company

During the workshop, Mr. Bolan and Mr. Neil will present Travel Trends from Viator’s perspective for the year 2022. Furthermore, the workshop will discuss the ways to set up for success as an outcome of his experience with working with OTAs. Moving on, Mr. Bolan and Mr. Neil will present the new marketing tool available from Viator, the Accelerate platform as well as will discuss Quality and the company’s Badge of Excellence status. Lastly, we will discuss the importance of being connected to a reservation system.


10:30 - 10:50     Diane Kochilas

Athens by Fork! By Diane Kochilas

Why the Greek Capital is A Food Lover’s Dream Destination!

10:45 - 11:45     Destinations International

Becoming a Shared Value in your Community

By Jane Cunningham, Director of European Engagement, Destinations International

Destinations International empowers destination organizations to position themselves as a shared value in their communities. When we observe destination organizations that have built a solid base of support in their community, we find that there is a specific set of core values on display. This session will explore the key elements of becoming a community shared value (or public good) and share a roadmap for organizations to follow. Jane will share some of the most prominent tools to use when talking about your work as a community shared value.


11:45 - 12:00     Refreshment Break

12:00 - 12:45     INSETE

Coordinator Dr. Aris Ikkos, Research Director, INSETE

The city of Athens, has assigned INSETE with the provision of specialized information that will help facilitate the tourism enterprises and institutions to adapt to the new conditions of the travel market after the pandemic. In this session we will present two tools created to assist tourism professionals promote tourism in Athens.

An overview of the situation in Athens

by Stefan Merkenhof, Managing Consultant for GBR Consulting.

GBR Consulting has been assigned on behalf of INSETE, with the preparation of quarterly reports for tourism in Athens with main focus on:

▪ Data regarding offer: availability of flights and airline seats, hotel and room rental capacity, museums and archaeological sites

▪ Data regarding demand: air arrivals, hotel occupancy, arrivals, overnight stays, revenues

▪ Indicators regarding hotel performance, cost, length of stay and the overall evaluation of tourism product.

In this session we will explore the Athens Tourism Product and evaluate its potential growth.

Presentation of the Athens Dashboard tool

By Giannina Rassouli, Analyst at INSETE

The Athens Dashboard tool contains data regarding arrivals, scheduled air seats, flight & hotel searches, overnights, hotels’ financial data, ports & cruise data, net sentiment data and more. The Athens dashboard is an interactive tool, aimed to help entrepreneurs and potential investors form a more sophisticated idea of the Athens’ tourism product and further enhance tourism recovery. In this session we will present this impressive tool which is focused on promoting the city of Athens and the position and contribution of tourism.

12:45 - 13:30     Global Sustainable Tourism Council

Athens leading excellence as a sustainable tourism destination. Challenges and next steps.

By Dr Ioannis Pappas, Director Mediterranean Region, Global Sustainable Tourism Council

Athens is a top destination for leisure and business travel, implementing a sustainable development strategy of its tourism product and our city. We partnered with the best and finalised, with excellent results, an extensive Destination Assessment process by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council to measure our strengths and weaknesses. During this session we will give you insights on the Athens’s roadmap to building a sustainable destination through

  • Presentation of the evaluation report from the evaluation of the destination.
  • Determining stakeholder expectations regarding the overall performance of the destination according to the GSTC criteria.
  • Validation of findings, assessment of acceptance by stakeholders and the feasibility of implementing the proposed recommendations.
  • Next steps to a Sustainable Destinations certification.


13:30 - 14:30     Coffee/ Light Lunch & Networking