Athens, A city of History, Culture & Gastronomy

Athens is a city that surprises, delights and inspires. On this journey through the historical layers of Athens, you’ll experience one-of-a-kind cultural and food experiences and the city’s unique Mediterranean vibe.


Secret Acropolis Tour

Follow our guide for a private tour of the Acropolis to learn the secrets of this imposing fortress and its temples. From the secret cults of goddess Athena to spicy stories about the wife of Pericles, you’ll unfold secret tales and rumors about the Sacred Rock. Find out who had special privileges in ancient Athens and get to know the mythical beasts and fearless leaders who walked this very ground


Exploration of the Neighborhood of Gods

There are many historic sites hidden in the densely built neighborhood of Plaka, creating a window to the long history of Athens. Walking from Monastiraki Square you’ll find yourselves in the Roman Agora. You’ll visit the Tower of the Winds, a marvel of engineering that helped ancient Athenians predict the weather. Just a few streets away, you’ll visit the Baths of Aerides and an Ottoman Mosque.

After strolling down Adrianou Street – named after the Roman Emperor Hadrian – we’ll find the Benizelos mansion, the oldest house of Athens dating to the 16th century, and then head to the Monument of Lysicrates that was given as a prize to a musical competition in the 4th century BC. Two centuries ago, the monument was connected to a Capuchin Monastery where Lord Byron stayed while in Athens.

Nearby is the hidden neighborhood of Anafiotika. The area feels like a Cycladic Island climbing the slopes of the Acropolis, with charming houses, picturesque cafes, and magenta bougainvillea framing the passageways.


Athens Market Walk & Cooking Workshop

The last part of our tour will explore the Athens Central Market, the center of the city’s food scene. You’ll team up with a chef to explore the vegetable, fish and meat market. After that, we’ll head to a studio where we’ll enjoy a hands-on cooking workshop.